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Our strategy for change

  • 1. Spread The Idea
    Remuneration rights are being discussed at a grass-root level and with journalists, bloggers and thought leaders. Check out our Latest News section to see where the Open Revolution is being discussed.
  • 2. Worked Solutions
    White papers are being developed to showcase how remuneration rights would work in practice in a number of industries/sectors including: Pharmaceuticals, Music, Artists, novelist and poets, Big Tech, software, AI, Academic journals.
  • 3. Remuneration Rights Pilots & Prototypes
    The negative trends of increasing inequality, concentration of power and the stifling of innovation are only set to continue if the system remains Closed. As the movement for an Open world grows, there will be sectors and/or countries that will pilot remuneration rights as an alternative way to fund innovation.
  • 4. Push For Implementation

    In the not-too-distant future, Think Tanks will be conducting impact assessments for rolling out remuneration rights, forward looking governments will incorporate remuneration rights into their manifestos and these ideas will be debated in parliaments.

    In addition, the implementation of remuneration rights does not depend on government as philanthropists and patrons of the arts could pledge their money directly into embryonic remuneration rights pool.

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