• 30 pages
  • Over 9000 words
  • 5 key principles
  • Simple frameworks you can start using to build sustainable digital businesses and ecosystems, today.

Everything you need to understand the key principles of the digital economy, and what this means for you and your society.

Written by Rufus Pollock and Theo Cox, creators of the Open Revolution and advisers on digital strategy to leading governments, IGOs and companies for over two decades.

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Here’s everything that we will cover:

  • Day 1: We’re in a new digital economy
  • Day 2: It’s more than digital, it’s information
  • Day 3: Costless copying: the essential difference between bits and atoms
  • Day 4: The magical apple tree: once upon a time in the digital economy
  • Day 5: Exclusive rights and intellectual "property": one way to pay for the first copy
  • Day 6: Costless copying revisited
  • Day 7: Core tension: access vs innovation